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Call to Presenters

Thank you for your interest in the Big Sky ATD Chapter. Knowledge sharing is a key element to what makes this Chapter great and we sincerely hope to hear from you. 

Please review the guidelines below and if you feel that partnering with Big Sky ATD is for you, please fill out the RFP Submission Form link below or found in the menu to the left.

Need for Speakers

Every year the ATD Big Sky Chapter seeks local speakers to provide education and training for its membership and the community at large.  We look for the special presenter who can challenge and prepare us with leading edge information for workplace learning through inquiry, analysis and application.

Presentation Themes

ATD Big Sky uses elements of the ATD Competency Model as the thematic source for all of our monthly presentation opportunities. The themes for our monthly meetings, webinars, and our professional development events are based in the ten Areas of Expertise identified by our national organization as essential knowledge and skill for our profession. Any workplace learning professional strives to have knowledge, skill, and professional aptitude in these areas.

Value to You as a Speaker

Being a featured speaker at a Big Sky ATD chapter meeting has many benefits. Attendees come from a variety of industries and companies and that makes each meeting a great networking opportunity. Big Sky ATD will feature you on our chapter website and include a link to your website for visitors to access. We will also include you in our annual report as well as provide you with evaluations and feedback about your presentation.


Click here to download the rest of the Speaker Proposal Guidelines. This document will assist you in completing the RFP Submission Form.

If you would like to present at an upcoming Chapter meeting, please fill out the Request for Presenter Form and your presentation will be considered by the Board. Thank you!

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