Big Sky ATD hosts nine Learning Events in a calendar year. These events are designed to allow area professions a chance to learn new skills and network with their peers. 
The Chapter does take some time off the months of July, August and December and there are no Learning Events these months.

As a Chapter we are dedicated to helping professions apply ATD's Ten Competencies in their organization and profession. Events are always based on one of these competencies.
Below you will find a schedule of upcoming events. Registration for each event will open several weeks before the event. Please see the event details for pricing.
Mary Deal is the Programs Director for the Chapter. Any questions about the Events listed can be directed to her via email:

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We look forward to seeing you at our next Learning Event. Check out our new Driving Directions webpage!

Upcoming events

Please check back soon for more details!

Past events

30 Nov 2018 "Copyright for Training" (In-Person or Remotely)
26 Oct 2018 A Blueprint for Building a Corporate University
22 Jun 2018 "Measure, Communicate, and IMPROVE Your Learning Programs" (GoToMeeting Only)
18 May 2018 Script, Storyboard, Illustrate, Animate (GoToMeeting Only)
27 Apr 2018 Effectively Working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) - GoToMeeting ONLY
23 Mar 2018 "Bite-Sized Learning" (In-Person or Online)
23 Feb 2018 "Modern Learning in Action: The Home Depot Leadership Experience" (Online and In-Person)
26 Jan 2018 "2018 Big Sky ATD Planning Session" (In-Person or Remotely)
23 Jun 2017 2017 ATD International Conference and Exposition Recap
19 May 2017 "Building Capacity for Change Management" - Online and In-Person
27 Jan 2017 "How to Stretch your Training Budget" - In Person or Remotely
28 Oct 2016 "The Benefits and Cautions of Testing Out" - In-Person or Remotely
23 Sep 2016 "If you aren't Learning, you aren't Winning" - In-Person or Remotely
12 Apr 2016 "Performance Excellence" (Partnership with Yellowstone County SHRM)
18 Mar 2016 "Creative Team Building" (In-Person or Remotely)
26 Feb 2016 "The Importance of Branding" (In-Person or Remotely)
29 Jan 2016 Taking Responsibility In-Person or Online
13 Nov 2015 StrengthsFinder2.0 Workshop In-Person or Online
25 Sep 2015 Networking & Team Building Using Long-Distance Technology
17 Apr 2015 Tech Fair
20 Mar 2015 Chapter Rebranding Party!
21 Nov 2014 Leadership Means Listening with Scott Lillie
24 Oct 2014 The Neuroscience of Leadership
19 Sep 2014 The WIN Philosophy
20 Jun 2014 Bridging the Adaptability Gap with David Otey
16 May 2014 The Anger Bucket with Russ Cherry
17 Apr 2014 Diversity in Businesses and the Community
21 Mar 2014 Philosophy Through Storytelling
17 Jan 2014 Six Thinking Hats®
15 Nov 2013 Sherry Winn, Overcoming Adversity
25 Oct 2013 Russ Cherry, The Candle Problem
20 Sep 2013 It Doesn't Come with a Title: Uncommon-Practice Leadership
20 Aug 2013 ASTD, the Industry and You! - Wendy Leedy, National ASTD Chapter Relations Manager
24 May 2013 Ray Svenson, Building the Learning Organization
19 Apr 2013 Coaching for Improved Work Performance
15 Mar 2013 Motiv8ing the Millennials: The Future of R Wrkplce
26 Feb 2013 The Changing Face of Heart Disease
15 Feb 2013 Think Fast
18 Jan 2013 Presentations, bargains, and household appliances: What connection are you making?
16 Nov 2012 Trainers, Coaches, Advisors and Managers Unite!
19 Oct 2012 Reframing Failure with Jane Nelson
21 Sep 2012 Learning Tools with Shelley Hayes
15 Jun 2012 Managing our Bias in Performance Reviews with Tra Williams
18 May 2012 You Are The Magic with Scott Lillie
19 Apr 2012 Spring Fever Networking Event
16 Mar 2012 Energize Your Team With Team Building
17 Feb 2012 Leading in Today’s Multi-Generational Work Environment
20 Jan 2012 Advancing the Profession of Learning and Development
18 Nov 2011 Computer Security

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