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Motiv8ing the Millennials: The Future of R Wrkplce

  • 15 Mar 2013
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Billings Food Bank, 2112 4th Avenue North Billings, MT


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Kari Phoenix
Surely you’ve noticed by now how the next generation (those under age 30) is taking the workplace by storm. And boy howdy!, are they a demanding bunch! They want: to stroll into work whenever it suits them; shorter work days; more vacation time; control over their schedule; and the freedom and flexibility to take a three-hour lunch, if desired. Sound familiar? Please allow me to introduce The Millenials. A.K.A. Generation Y. A.K.A. Generation ME, Generation Entitled, and Generation WHY-are-you-sending-me-to-an-early-grave?! Well, maybe the last is a bit overkill, but you get the picture.

Yes, they are an interesting group. I guarantee they have their reasons for doing what they do. The best way to lead them? Give them an iPad, a Smartphone and caffeine and hope for the best! J/K! (That’d be “just kidding” for those of you who don’t speak Text Message.) LOL. *Smiley Face!*

The first step to effectively leading them is to start by understanding the fundamentals of their generation. The next step? Get involved with the 4-1-1 so you, too, can be hip in the in-crowd. Pretty soon you’ll be LOL’ing and Tweeting with the best of ‘em! On a more serious note, better communication tactics will allow you the much-needed opportunities to tap into their technology-savvy brains to harvest a wealth of creativity, innovation and ambition.

Kari Phoenix, owner of Phoenix Rising Training & Consulting happens to specialize in employee motivation, generational training and customer service training. Kari is excited and grateful for the opportunity to present at the Billings ASTD chapter on March 15th specifically about tools you can use immediately to start connecting with and better motivating the newer-to-the-working-world employees. You’ll leave with a much better understanding about why they seem so darn entitled, and why their values may not align with yours, as well as new skills to better lead them. Join Kari for the fun-filled presentation “Motiv8ing the Millenials: The Future of R Wrkplce.”

C U there!

Kari Phoenix has a great passion for positive workplaces! We spend over 83,000 hours of our lives working – who doesn’t want that to be enjoyable and rewarding?! Kari believes in empathy, the power of positive reinforcement, and establishing effective relationships and communication to make a workplace incredibly successful. Her eclectic educational background in psychology and accounting and employment background in supervising, training, accounting and customer service lend to a myriad of knowledge and skills. She seeks to understand first, and offer advice second. “I have two ears and one mouth – I should probably listen twice as much as I speak!”
Kari’s other passions include weight lifting, education about lifestyle change and weight management, women’s studies and Toastmasters – a speaking and leadership club. phoenixrisingtc.com

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